Multimodal cargo transportation

The MOVADO company carries out international transportation of goods by various types of transport: road, sea, rail and air.


Multimodal cargo transportation allows you to transport cargo at any distance using various types of transport. The main advantage of placing an order with one forwarder is the ability to shift some of the organizational issues and responsibilities onto his shoulders. Therefore, when deciding in favor of multimodal transportation, the reliability of the transport company plays an important role.


Our specialists have been working in the transport services market for more than 6 years and will select the best route based on your wishes, cargo characteristics and delivery times.


Movado multimodal transportation of goods

Multimodal cargo transportation has a number of features:

    1. Within the framework of one transportation, two or more types of transport are involved.
    2. There is no need to conclude several contracts and draw up documents for each type of transport. You sign one agreement only with our transport company.
    3. The MOVADO company is responsible for the safety and security of the transported goods.
Transport combinations

Organization of international multimodal transportation of goods is possible by the following types of transport:

  • Automotive. Suitable for various types of cargo, including perishable goods. This type of transport is characterized by high speed, maneuverability and good capacity.
  • Railway. Ideal solution for fast delivery of goods over long distances. Currently, the service of express / block trains is widespread, which freely pass marshalling yards, which significantly saves time.
  • Marine. This type of transport has a high cross-country ability, suitable for any type of cargo. Also, its advantages include low cost.
  • Air. Allows you to deliver products to the most remote corners of the planet as soon as possible.

Types of transported goods

Multimodal cargo transportation can be used for any type of cargo:

  • general (piece goods in packaging / on pallets);
  • heavyweight (reinforced concrete, metal structures, bulldozers, reactors, turbines);
  • bulk (sugar, salt, flour, sand, crushed stone);
  • bulk (fuel, paints and varnishes, liquid fertilizers);
  • prefabricated and complete;
  • perishable (meat, fish, seafood);
  • hazardous (medicines, acids, solvents).

Multimodal cargo transportation by various modes of transport is carried out in a suitable container. Special equipment is provided: cisterns and tank containers for the transportation of liquid cargo, Open Top and Flat Rack containers for the transportation of oversized cargo. Perishable goods should be transported in refrigerated containers.

Transportation geography

We carry out transportation in the most demanded export-import directions:

  • European states (including the Balkan and Scandinavian Peninsula);
  • Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg);
  • CIS (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, etc.);
  • Asian states (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India);
  • American countries (Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, Chile);
  • countries of the African continent (Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt);
  • Australia and Oceania.

Advantages of the MOVADO company

  • Competence of employees. Our specialists have many years of experience in logistics. Organization of multimodal transportation of goods with minimal time and financial costs is a feasible task for them.
  • Wide geography. Thanks to cooperation with transport companies from different countries, we guarantee high-quality and timely delivery of goods from Moscow or another city to any part of the world.
  • Comprehensive service. Your task is only to conclude a contract and provide the cargo with the necessary documents. We undertake such services as insurance, escorting goods at customs, storage, consulting and logistics services.
  • Reliability. We only work with trusted transport service providers.
  • The control. You can track the location of your cargo at any stage of its transportation.

You can find out the price for multimodal cargo transportation from the managers of our company.

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