Groupage cargo transportation

One of the most dynamic and promising areas of logistics development is the transportation of groupage cargo. At the moment, we have experience in carrying out such transportation and all the necessary resources: an established partner network, developed transportation schemes, taking into account the need for warehousing goods in Europe and the CIS, and an established document flow.

When transporting your cargo, MOVADO specialists:

  • contact with the consignors, clarify the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the cargo, agree on the exact time of pick-up;
  • organize the whole range of warehouse operations at the transit European warehouses of the company (loading and unloading operations, packaging, repackaging, labeling, palletizing and sorting of goods, warehouse accounting and storage);
  • resolve issues related to customs procedures and export clearance;
  • inform you about the current changes in the status of the cargo, as well as the expected delivery time;
  • carry out urgent deliveries of small consignments of goods directly by low-tonnage vehicles.

We always develop optimal cost and delivery routes for your cargo.

To get a rate for the delivery of groupage cargo, you can make a request on the website, or contact the office of the MOVADO company.

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