Automobile transportation of goods

The MOVADO company carries out international transportation of goods by road in the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. We offer optimal traffic routes and reliable cargo delivery schemes.

Freight transportation by road from the MOVADO company is complex logistics solutions on the most favorable terms, including warehouse logistics, customs clearance and cargo insurance, 24/7 customer support and free expert advice.

Transportation by road has undeniable advantages:

  • Mobility. The use of wheeled transport allows for a flexible route to any corner of the continent, and the high speed and maneuverability of vehicles guarantee the delivery of goods "from warehouse to warehouse" at the optimum time.
  • Efficiency. The movement of vehicles can be carried out around the clock, without reference to the working hours of stations and airports, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Flexibility. There are always alternative delivery routes in case of transit restrictions.
  • Security. Control over the safety and location of cargo at any time and along the entire route is easy to carry out using modern navigation systems.
  • Profitability. Affordable delivery costs, high carrying capacity of road transport and the choice of the optimal route make it possible to transport goods as profitably as possible.

Types of goods transported

We carry out international road transportation of goods weighing from 100 kg of the following types:

  • piece, bulk;
  • heavy and oversized;
  • complete and groupage (except for domestic cargo transportation in Russia, Belarus and the CIS countries);
  • dangerous and expensive;
  • goods for the transportation of which a certain temperature regime is required.

A wide range of goods transported in the industry makes it possible to carry out transportation by road for companies from almost all areas of activity.

Transportation geography

Wide geography of transportation - the ability to organize the most convenient and cost-effective schemes for the delivery of goods. We carry out cargo transportation by road in the following directions:

  • Russia;
  • countries of Europe and Asia;
  • Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg);
  • CIS countries.

Benefits of cooperation with MOVADO

  • Experience in the logistics services market. We have been performing cargo transportation by road for over 6 years. We offer efficient, proven and personalized logistics solutions.
  • Wide geography of road transport of goods. We carry out cargo transportation in all popular directions. We develop individual routes for the fastest and most profitable deliveries, taking into account the characteristics and characteristics of the cargo.
  • International road transport of any cargo. We organize road transport of goods of any type and size. We carry out urgent orders. If necessary, we draw up multimodal transportation schemes using several types of transport.
  • Reliability and safety of road transport of goods. All cargo transportation by road is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of international law. We cooperate only with trusted transport service providers who have the necessary permits, licenses, as well as carrier liability insurance contracts.
  • High-quality, personalized service. Advanced technologies for organizing transport processes, our own resources allow us to offer flexible, individual solutions to logistics problems, comfortable service and impeccable quality of services. MOVADO employees provide information support and always stay in touch with the client 24/7.
  • Favorable tariffs for cargo transportation by road. We offer an optimal price level and transparent cost calculations without hidden costs and financial risks.

MOVADO is your reliable and responsible business partner offering advanced logistics solutions. We help your business to grow and develop, minimizing the costs of organizing international transportation: we deliver goods safe and sound, to the right place and on time on the most favorable terms. Clients trust us with their goods with 100% confidence in the result!


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